Dear Father, thank You for a wonderful Saturday. It was good to take a break and get some work done. Jesus, let us always rest in You. Yes, we need physical rest but it is most important to find respite in You.

  1. Thank You Jesus for some good rest. It is good to have Saturday morning for rest, just to chill. Thank You for the rest Father.
  2. Thank You God for helping me catch up on work. I have been behind a bit but I managed to get some work done. Thank You Jesus. Specially, thank You Lord for showing me a paper that helps me resolve a lot of issues in my research.
  3. Thank You Father for making me pray. I had the urge to pray but I just ignored it. Thank You Holy Spirit for overwhelming and forcing me to pray. It was a good intimate prayer. I hope I keep praying like that everyday. Jesus, let me be always in You and love You.
  4. Thank You Lord for good food. Thank you my good roommate for excellent food.
  5. Thank You Jesus for a calm heart. I used to get upset much more easily and cuss. But now I remember Your love and that You are in control. So I stay relatively calm, Jesus, let me be like You everyday.

Father, we just have so many things to thank You. Let us always be thankful and shower the world with Your love.