Thank You Lord for Sabbath. Let us always think and meditate more about You Jesus. Let us enjoy Your presence and proclaim Your glory to all nations.

  1. Thank You Lord for great worship. Today’s worship was gooood. We learned how to pray more powerfully. Let us know Your heart better and pray accordingly.
  2. Thank You Jesus for good food. I love bibimbab. Yummm..Too bad there were a lot of leftovers 😦
  3. Thank You God for my car. It is so valuable in giving rides. Thank you Honda.
  4. Thank You Jesus for the guests that came today. Let us love them and serve them.
  5. Thank You Father for forcing me to clean my desktop. There was so much dust in there but I kept postponing. But today as it turned off because it got too hot, I calmly opened the desktop and cleaned it. Now it runs very smoothly. Thank You Jesus for helping me clean my desktop and for me not getting upset about it.

Jesus, we just want to thank You for everything. Let us always be more thankful everyday.