Swedish retirement home experiment shows that shorter work hours have led to happier and more productive employees. I applaud such studies because the world is really overworked especially in the US and in Asia (See my daily post about Chinese Startups Chinese Startups). Way too much time is lost in superficial or non-important things at work, if you ask employees, they will find you at least ten things that could be done better or removed.

Thankfully, Amazon is now testing 30 hour work week. I predict that the results will be quite positive. Most people will become more efficient and enjoy the time off.

Now for researchers and scientists? Well, we need time off to recharge. However, research is a never ending process and a life style. The moment I accepted that research is a life style, I have become much happier and my life has become more fulfilling (although I do I wish I had a higher success rate but will not complain).