Thank You Jesus for a wonderful Monday. Thank You Lord for Labor Day. Thank You for extra rest. I love the sound of quietness in the streets. Ah, some peace around my house 😀

  1. Thank You Lord for extra day of rest. Of course, I worked but really enjoyed the calmness around. No honking cars, less people screaming, my area was generally quite peaceful.
  2. Thank You Jesus for another productive day. Nice to catch up on work. Thank You for all the knowledge and wisdom that You have gave me. Please bless me with more knowledge and wisdom. Thank You God.
  3. Thank You Father for leftover food. Ah, sometimes, I am so lazy to cook. And leftover foods save me from hunger. Thank You God.
  4. Thank You Jesus for coffee. Yeah, it is a drug but a good drug. I should really pray more and get strength through prayer. But coffee ahhh, so lovely.
  5. Thank You God for prayer session. Let us pray more everyday.

Jesus, even though we sin and break Your heart. Please forgive us and let us be renewed everyday. We love You so much Jesus!