Thank You Jesus for another lovely day. Let us remember that everyday is a present from You. A true blessing. Jesus, thank You so much for everything.

  1. Thank You Jesus for another productive day. I was a bit tired but I got some work done. And thank You for helping me solve a research issue that I had. Thank You for Your wisdom, please bless us with more wisdom.
  2. Thank You God for campus worship. Let us reclaim the campuses and spread the joy and love. Jesus let us keep praying for our students.
  3. Thank You Father for a good nap. I was knocked out but it was a good nap. Please restore us through rest.
  4. Thank You God for Kakao. So nice to talk to my family and friends that are far from me. Thank You for keeping us close.
  5. Thank You Jesus for giving me direction. I remember days that I was in full control of myself and knowing that I was really lost. But now Your Word is my guidance. Now I can confidently say what I need to do and console/ advise other. Thank You so much for the bible. Let us know Your commandments more everyday.

Jesus, let us always be joyful and thankful because You have defeated death and sin. Let us remember that You are victorious and that through You we are all loved and blessed.