1. LA raises fees to build more parks. Finally, more green space ^^ You can also make more green space by growing plants in your house. So please get those succulents such as mother-in-law tongues, which are super hard to kill. We can always do something. Plus, you can volunteer to plant trees through organization such as TreePeople.
  2. Harvard economist, Kenneth Rogoff, suggests getting rid of cash to decrease crime and cash maintenance cost. It is true that lot of cash is used for crime and getting rid of some physical bills would not hurt but having all spending tracked does not seem like a good idea. Of course, tax revenues will be up but still a complete cashless society does not sound that good. What would happen if the system crashes or malfunctions? We will always need physical cash for instances of failures of electronic cash.
  3. Israel is building an underground wall to prevent tunnels. Tunnels are a threat but not sure if this is the most efficient way to deter tunnels. The terrorists will only dig deeper and more around. Hopefully, Donald Trump will not get any ideas.


Media is fine.

Goldman Sachs Podcasts discusses the future of media. I learned that the young consumers will consume more content through web and mobile. Cable is going down but media as a whole is fine. Government is not making much money because broadcasting stations are selling spectrum to telecommunications.  Unbundling cable packages will spur more growth and innovation.