Thank You Jesus for another lovely day. It was a long day of proctoring and grading. But we give You thanks for everything. We are so blessed and we just want to praise you for all your goodness.

  1. Thank You Jesus for great parking spots. It is amazing how easily I find parking spaces these days. Thank You so much Jesus 😀
  2. Thank You Lord for work. It is bad to lay idle. Let us always work hard for Your glory.
  3. Thank You Jesus for giving me the heart to go to worship. I was very tired after grading but Lord, I realize that You are what I need. You are my rest. So I went and I was blessed. Thank You.
  4. Thank You God for good roommates. They are real blessings. Let us pray for each other more. And lover one another more.
  5. Thank You Jesus for this blog. It really helps me to do things. Think. Reflect. Write. Thank You God.

Jesus, You have given us so much. Let us live joyfully, enjoying all the good stuff that You have given us and that You will give.