Thank You Jesus for Saturday. Much more relaxing and just being at peace. We should always be joyful, thankful, and peaceful. Jesus, let us really be like You. Always loving and filled with peace and love.

  1. Thank You Father for helping me obey. I know that I was being disobedient. Repenting helped me obey better. Jesus, let us always be obedient to You.
  2. Thank You God for good Korean food. Only in K-Town. Yes, K-Town is dirty and messy and parking is annoying but the food is gooood. Thank You Jesus.
  3. Thank You Father for good fellowship. I realize that I don’t pray much or take good care of neighbors. Let me pray more and be more loving.
  4. Thank You Jesus for podcasts. Man, I listened to a lot of them today. Lot of learning. Thank You all great podcasts. I am always thankful and I do suggest to my friends 😀
  5. Thank You God for helping me catch up with blogging. Yay! Thank You! I will pray more and write more

Thank You God for another blessed day. Let us always be thankful and give You all the glory.