Thank You Jesus for Sunday. Let us truly enjoy Sabbath and give all the glory to You.

  1. Thank You Jesus for making me wake up this morning and blessing me so much.
  2. Thank You Lord for morning coffee. It is Your gift although I should get more blessings through prayer.
  3. Thank You Father for a good talk with one of our pastors. I have learned that I have been impatient and very arrogant. Jesus please make me more humble and loving.
  4. Thank You God for a good nap. Nap feels so good. However, let me be always awake so I can do Your work.
  5. Thank You Jesus for the bible. I realize that the bible is really full of good things. Let me read more and follow according to Your word.

Jesus, we are so thankful for Your love and grace. Let us not forget Your goodness. Let us not serve idols. Let us not fear but let us love and worship You.