Thank You Jesus for a blessed Friday. Ahh finally the weekend. Let us always rejoice everyday because every moment is a gift 😀

  1. Thank You Jesus for good parking. This is a real blessing. Jesus, I am so thankful. Definitely a super blessing in LA.
  2. Thank You Lord for my office. So nice. Although I get a lot of sun better than no windows. Also, the tall ceilings and continuous air conditioning ensure that I don’t get carbon dioxide poisoning.
  3. Thank You God for a repenting heart. I realize that I was not so obedient. Let me be more obedient to authority and trust You Jesus. You are in control. Please let me submit.
  4. Thank You Father for the free lunch. Ah, nothing like free food to have a great day.
  5. Thank You Jesus for good message. Although I missed pretty much everything, I came at the end. The pastor was nice enough to summarize the eight blessings in Matthews. Let us pray to get those blessings.

Thank You Jesus for everything. We know You are a good God. Let us submit and bring You glory.