2 Samuel 24: David said to Gad, “I am in deep distress. Let us fall into the hands of the Lord, for his mercy is great; but do not let me fall into human hands.”

When I meditate upon this verse, I realize the goodness of God. Even in the worst situations, He still has mercy for us. But I realize that I should not abuse God’s mercy but instead walk straight always like Samuel. Also, when I sin, I should repent like David. I have learned to repent faster and better yet sometimes I feel pride in me. God, please let me really repenting. Thank You Jesus.


  1. Future class rooms will be more fluid with more movable desks and stuff to put on walls. Although I agree that we should let the students explore, there needs to be some order. Also, training students to concentrate in early age can be done. Just needs a lot of discipline. Hopefully the future classrooms will more exploratory than now but still somewhat orderly.
  2. Sexual harassment training may be backfiring. Since undergrad, I have been trained about sexual harassment and honestly I don’t think it really works. I have seen colleagues and superiors who also got trained but did not seem to really care. I think real respect comes from loving and caring hearts. And it begins way before the training, from good role models and good education from the family. Also, I think administrators really have to pay more attention to sexual harassment. In the sense of being alert, I think there is a still a lot inaction. I pray that we love each other more and really respect one another.
  3. Really applaud these pioneers of art. I am not familiar with art but I like brilliant and thought provoking displays. I think asking what is art and what inspires us is a good start. Speaking of which, I should start to think about some things too 😀


Genuine Talk

Art of Charm had a nice chat with Lecrae. I have heard of Lecrae but did not know much about him. I liked his genuine style. Also, I liked the fact that he really put things the way they were. He was very sincere and honest. Good talks about finding oneself and really working hard. Finally, loved the part why he is Christian. He said because you let God do all the work! Amen! Letting God lead the way is the right way:D