Thank You Jesus for a blessed Monday. It was a quite holy day. Let us always be holier every day.

  1. Thank You God for a holy day. Wow, no distraction, just set apart. If I am holy like this everyday, I will really be more like Jesus. Thank You Jesus.
  2. Thank You Father for helping me get a lot of work done. I can’t believe that I have got so much done in three hours.
  3. Thank You Jesus for all the podcasts. I learn so much from them. And they make data cleaning and grading much more fun.
  4. Thank You Lord for house of prayer. It is such a blessing that we can pray everyday at our church. Jesus, let us pray more everyday.
  5. Thank You Father for fasting. I realize that I can focus more on You when I fast. Also, lose weight. Jesus, let us become holier everyday.

Thank You Father for all Your goodness. Let us always glorify You.