Thank You Jesus for Tuesday. Thank You for looking after us yesterday and today. Let us remember that everyday is a new day and that You refresh us with Your love and grace.

  1. Thank You Jesus for making me do laundry. I sometimes procrastinate until I have only few clothing items. Thank you laundry machines!
  2. Thank You Jesus for making me pray for USC and LA. I realize that I don’t pray enough for my school and city. Jesus, please let me pray more for my neighbors and nations.
  3. Thank You God for teaching me Your ways. Yes, I mess up everyday but yet I learn something new from You. Please give me the heart to follow through Your commands.
  4. Thank You Jesus for listening to my prayers. We all know that You are our father and that You take care of us. But let us be more faithful and believe without doubting.
  5. Thank You God for good parking spaces. I am truly blessed!! It’s awesome to find a parking space immediately!

Thank You God for another blessed day. Let us always praise You Jesus.