Thank You God for another blessed day. Let us always remember that You are in control and that we should really relax and enjoy Your presence.

  1. Thank You Jesus for helping me find interesting finance books. I complained that I had to look for a book in the library. But You blessed me with the books that I wanted to read. Thank You Jesus. Thank you USC.
  2. Thank You Father for good parking. I am so happy these days. I go somewhere and there is a good parking spot. Jesus, You are the best. Thank You!!
  3. Thank You Lord for helping me beat temptation. Please cleanse me of my wickedness. Let me not bow down to lust. Jesus, I know that it will take time but let me fight on. Thank You Jesus.
  4. Thank You Father for good worship. It is so amazing that I go to an awesome church. Of course, our church has issues. In fact, way too many. But yet our church is blessed because we are so flawed that we only can rely on You Jesus. Jesus please keep blessing us. Let us be united and really only focus on You.
  5. Thank You Lord for a productive day. Wow, I am on a roll. Jesus, please give us more knowledge and wisdom.

Thank You Father for Your love and wisdom. Let us be more obedient and give You all the glory.