Thank You Jesus for another blessed Thursday. We just want to thank You for all Your goodness.

  1. Thank You Jesus for good morning worship. Let us testify Your love and make disciples of all nations. Before criticizing or complaining, let us submit to Jesus and show His glory to all the world.
  2. Thank You God for good parking spots. I am amazed by God’s love and grace. Yes, in LA, parking is an extremely big deal.
  3. Thank You Jesus for good campus worship. We had so many people turn out! They also brought delicious food. Let us always be thankful of good fellowship and keep on praying.
  4. Thank You Father for another productive day. Please keep blessing us with more wisdom and knowledge.
  5. Thank You Lord for Kakao. I can talk to my friends abroad. I will not complain of dropped calls. After all, it is free and it is so cute and useful.

Jesus, let us really be thankful for everything. Please remind us of our blessings and let us truly worship You.