Thank You Jesus for Monday. We look forward to all the good things You will do this week. Jesus, let us always praise You and Thank You.

  1. Thank You Lord for my bed. Nothing like a good sleep. Thank you good mattress.
  2. Thank You Father for good intercession. It was good. I cried out and I prayed about so many things. Jesus, please make me pray more everyday. Let us pray for our neighbors and all nations.
  3. Thank You Jesus for a quite productive day. Please continue to bless me with wisdom and knowledge. We confess that all wisdom and goodness comes from You Jesus.
  4. Thank You God for good lunch. Thank You good roommate for always cooking more than enough food and leaving in the fridge for me! You are the real MVP!
  5. Thank You Jesus for Your Word. Let me focus more on Your Word and live accordingly. Jesus, please help us understand Your commands better.

Thank You Jesus for everything. Let us start the week victoriously!