Thank You Lord for a good Tuesday. I did not get much work done but I managed to stay focused. Thank You Jesus for another blessed day.

  1. Thank You Lord for campus morning worship. Let us continue to pray for the campus. Let us always love and pray. Let us spread Your love to all campuses.
  2. Thank You God for good brothers and sisters in Christ. We are weak and often lost and confused. But we love You Jesus. Please guide us. Help us love another and spread Your Word!
  3. Thank You Jesus for lunch. I am loving lunch these days. Thank You Jesus for the daily meal.
  4. Thank You Father for good parking. I am being blessed by great parking spots! What a blessing in LA!
  5. Thank You Jesus for Excel. What a useful tool! Can’t do data cleaning without Excel.

Jesus let us be more thankful everyday. Lord, thank You so much for everything 😀