Thank You Jesus for a wonderful Wednesday. Let us always be joyful in all circumstances and rely on You Lord and You alone.

  1. Thank You Jesus for a relatively productive day. I got some work done. Jesus, please help me focus more. Please give me wisdom and knowledge.
  2. Thank You Father for Costco. It is always a pleasure to shop at Costco. So much good stuff at a cheap price. I can’t wait to have a family. So many things that I want to buy and try out but it is for family so I will wait.
  3. Thank You Jesus for good worship. You restored my heart Jesus. You restored me Lord. Thank You Jesus.
  4. Thank You God for good dinner. Our church’s food is getting better everyday. Better not eat too much.
  5. Thank You Jesus for all the things that You have given me. Thank You for giving me the ability to serve. Jesus, please bless me more so I can give You more glory.

Thank You God for all Your goodness. Let us praise You with all our hearts. We love You so much. Thank You Jesus.