Thank You Jesus for a beautiful Saturday. We are so blessed that we get two days off. Well, sort of (I still work 😦 ) But We should be thankful for everything.

  1. Thank You Jesus for a good servant meeting. We really need to step up. I realize that we are so sinful and slothful…Only with the Holy Spirit, we can be renewed. Please renew us Jesus!
  2. Thank You God for a leisurely research day. Today’s research was SLOW but delightful. I did some data cleaning. Some rest. Some reading. More rest. Ahh, it must be a Saturday 😀
  3. Thank You Father for a lovely plants. We bought some nice plants from Orchards and we got a free flower 😀 Yay!
  4. Thank You Jesus for coffee. Coffee is such a blessing. However, I will rely more on You Jesus!
  5. Thank You Father for always restoring us. All sins have been forgiven and no sin can beat Your love and grace. I always remember Your goodness but I often fall. Well, too many times. But Lord forgive me and strengthen me.

Jesus, we love You so much! Thank You! Thank You!