Thank You Jesus for a beautiful Sunday. Thank You for Sabbath. Let us always be thankful for Your day Lord.

  1. Thank You God for Sabbath. Let us repent and lay down our burdens. Let us focus on You and not on us and other worldly things. We confess that we are sinners and we are so lost. Only by Your blood Jesus we are saved and made whole.
  2. Thank You Jesus for helping me repent. I got angry at something. Instead of praying, rage consumed me. Jesus, please make me more loving and meek.
  3. Thank You Lord for prayer. You really restore us Jesus. Even when we are broken and full of sin, You heal us. No sin can beat Your grace and love Jesus.
  4. Thank You Father for a house. I am so thankful that I have a house. This is much more than Jesus had. I am so thankful that You gave me so much Father. Thank You.

Jesus, we love You so much. Let us really really really focus on You. Jesus, we love You and thank You.