Thank You Jesus for Monday. It has been a busy day but I got stuff done. Thank You for a good start of the week Lord!

  1. Thank You Father for my lovely office. I get stuff done quite well. Love the windows and the high ceiling. Thank you USC.
  2. Thank You Jesus for a good peers. Nice to have someone to talk about research. Yeah, most people run away but I tell you research is fun (at least for some of us).
  3. Thank You Lord for coffee. What would I do without coffee (probably sleep more).
  4. Thank You Jesus for Your goodness. You are so so good in all circumstances. We love You Jesus.
  5. Thank You God for my car. Yes, lovely car, you take me everywhere. Thank you good car.

Jesus, we have so many things to be thankful for. Let us really be thankful and focus on You.