Thank You Jesus for Tuesday. You are so awesome. Let us not forget that we love You Jesus. Thank You.

  1. Thank You Lord for a super productive day. Yes, it is crunch time and I am pushing through. Let us always give thanks and not lose sight. Instead focus more on You when things are busy.
  2. Thank You God for Stata. You are my bread and butter. You are expensive software but you help me make a living and also help me find interesting stuff. I love you too R! I need to remember more of your syntax sorry…
  3. Thank You Jesus for my desktop. You are wonderful. Sorry that I have blamed you so much for being slow. It is because I make you work too hard. Just letting you know, thank you desktop!
  4. Thank You God for prayer. I don’t know how I would live without praying. Still I need to pray more.
  5. Thank You Jesus for LA. I do not complain about LA but thank you for this city. Let us pray for the revival of LA.

Jesus, thank You! We thank You so much! Let us always be joyful in You Jesus!