Thank You Jesus for a wonderful Wednesday. Let us always be thankful every day and every moment.

  1. Thank You Jesus for worship. Let us always repent and be renewed!
  2. Thank You Father for another very productive day. Please help me focus and give You more glory.
  3. Thank You Lord for all Your love. Without Your love everyday would be a disaster. Only through Your love and grace, we are here and well.
  4. Thank You Jesus for the daily meal. I am so thankful that I have food to eat. Let us always remember how much You have blessed us.
  5. Thank You Father for looking after us and protecting us. We often forget how lucky we are. Everyday is uncertain and only by Your grace, we live on. Thank You Lord.

Jesus, thank You so much for everything. Let us not forget how You always took good care of us. Let us not be rebellious but instead focus only on You!