Thank You Jesus for a thankful Thursday. Let us be thankful in all circumstances.

  1. Thank You Jesus for a very very very productive day. I was so productive that my soul tried to escape sometimes. Yet I got a lot of things done. Thank You Jesus for blessing me so much. Please give me more wisdom.
  2. Thank You Lord for campus worship. We had a few people come out but it is Your presence and our obedience that matters. Let us not be disheartened but instead pray more for the campus!
  3. Thank You Father for my officemate. He is so funny. He is really witty. Thank You Jesus for the new wonderful office. We finally get to talk more and laugh. Thank You Jesus.
  4. Thank You God for my good peer. We are trying to work on a research together and we will push through. Research is hard but with Your wisdom, we will not worry.
  5. Thank You Jesus for the daily bread. Let us not forget how blessed is we are. Also, let us pray for those in need. Let us pray and serve the poor. Jesus, please make us more loving and humble.

Jesus, we proclaim that You are our King. Let us obey Your commands and give You all the glory!