Today we heard a devastating news that a church member’s son died suddenly last night. It was so unexpected. There were cries and much pain. We prayed. I told other members to stay strong because Jesus is in control of everything and that nothing happens without His permission.  I came home a bit distraught and then it sank in. Why God? Why now? He was so young. We prayed hard for him. His parents are very holy. Why?

I thought of Job who went through a lot despite being holy. That was someone what consoling but I still struggled. To me, things were hard to understand and it almost felt like a cruel joke. But then I remembered that God gave His only son Jesus so that we can live. I put down my doubts. Our God is a such a loving God that He gave Jesus, His only son, to die for our sins. He is a loving God. I wondered how bad the Father and Jesus felt about the death. And I acknowledged. No grief is larger than Jesus.’

I gave thanks to God and gathered my strength again. Everyday is a blessing and tomorrow we may not be here but today is here and we should thank Jesus. Even though if we are not here tomorrow, it is ok because Jesus takes care of everything. Because You are our King, our Father, our everything.

My heart is still heavy writing this post but I know that Jesus will restore us. He will restore the hearts of the family and strengthen us. Jesus, we will trust You and follow You. We love You so much. Thank You Jesus for everything.