Thank You Jesus for Sabbath. We are so joyful to have rest and focus on You.

  1. Thank You Jesus for good worship. We had broken hearts but through Your Word, You have healed us. We do not know anything. But we trust You and You alone.
  2. Thank You God for the good food. I love bibimbap. So healthy too. Lovely.
  3. Thank You Father for good coffee. A great thing about LA, it has great coffee. Although I complained a lot about traffic, pollution, crime, and everything, I will give thanks. Thank you LA.
  4. Thank You Jesus for helping me work. I do not like to work on Sundays but ahhh…life of a researcher. Jesus, please give me wisdom so I can work more efficiently.
  5. Thank You Father for my blog. I am glad that some people enjoy it. Also, it is a great tool not to only only organize and share my thoughts but to really reflect about You and my life. Thank You Lord.

Jesus, we give You all the glory. Let us not stray but focus on You. Because You are a good good Father. Let us always sing praises to You and be joyful.