Thank You Jesus for a new month. 2016 has gone by so quickly but thank You so much for looking after us. Jesus, let us not waste time but focus on doing You work.

  1. Thank You God for Saturday. This is the day when I rest and catch up on work. Ah, I love Saturdays. I look forward to a more leisurely Saturday.
  2. Thank You Father for good brothers and sisters in Christ. Tragedy hit our church yet we stood strong together and prayed. Let us be devout and strong Christians and give You all the glory.
  3. Thank You Jesus for helping me work. I have a lot of work to do but without Your wisdom and knowledge, I am lost. Thank You for Your guidance.
  4. Thank You Father for the daily meal. We often forget that we have a lot. Thank You for my apartment, bed, food, electricity, water, and internet. God, You have given us so much.
  5. Thank You Jesus for a good workout. I really need to workout more. Thank You Father.

We give You all the glory Jesus. Let us focus more on You, especially during hard times. Let us really focus and give You glory!