Thank You Father for a wonderful Wednesday. I had a quite holy day. Yayyy! I hope everyday could be like this. Jesus please help me to become holier.

  1. Thank You Jesus for a quite holy day. Lovely. Let me remember this victory and continue the winning streak. Jesus please make us stronger so we can battle with sin and proclaim victory.
  2. Thank You God for another super productive day. I don’t even know how I do it but I know it’s You Jesus. Thank You Holy Spirit. Please give me more wisdom.
  3. Thank You Lord for I love funding good research projects. Jesus, please let Your glory and love be shown by the research. You have told us that You have left Your mark in the world everywhere. Let us find them and be awed by Your love and glory.
  4. Thank You Father for the stock market. I learn so much. Thank you stock market for making me humble and teaching me new things everyday. Thank You Jesus for making me the ability to invest.
  5. Thank You God for air. I realize that we are so blessed without air, we would be all dead. Jesus please make us more thankful everyday.

Jesus, we proclaim Your glory. Let us always be thankful and more loving everyday!