Thank You Lord for another blessed day.Let us always be thankful for everyday.

  1. Thank You God for another very productive day. It was painful but I have finished a lot of work. Jesus, thank You for Your wisdom and please bless us more.
  2. Thank You Father for fasting. I can’t believe that I can fast. I used to think that we always need to eat three meals because we never know what will happen tomorrow. But now I fast because I want to be closer to You and I do not worry about the next meal.
  3. Thank You Jesus for my desktop. Yup, you are the MVP. Thank you for being a good laptop. I really need to take better care of my desktop.
  4. Thank You Lord for my family. It is always so nice to talk to my parents. They are so loving. I miss them a lot. I pray that You protect our family and we become holier.
  5. Thank You for my legs. I realize that walking is such a blessing. Just the ability to walk around and see, so cool and nice. Thank You Lord.


Jesus, let us always be more thankful and share Your love with all nations and neighbors. We love You so much! Amen.