This article discusses that online delivery services hurt the industry, people, and the environment. Hmmm…I guess all the waste does some hurt the environment and it really needs to be fixed.

However, I disagree that delivery hurts people. The delivery people have a choice. They don’t have to go deliver. They can work some other job. Also, let us not forget that delivery is hard and pays low wages but still enables you to make money. Of course, you should not live all your life making deliveries and that is not the point of all these apps. These apps do not promise good employment, they promise a chance to make extra money. People should not be confused. Also, I believe online delivery of food benefits many, especially those that can not go eat outside due to physical circumstances or duties. They can enjoy good food instead of ordering pizza or sandwich. Also, many restaurants benefit as they can expand their reach. So it is also good for the restaurants. Hence, online food delivery increases the surplus for everyone.

I believe that the author is more concerned about the abuse of online food delivery, which I agree. We should not abuse online delivery. Don’t be so lazy that you never cook. Don’t be so lazy that you never go outside. In such cases, there may be abuses of online food delivery. However, overall, I believe that online food delivery is plus for everyone.