Ahh…I always have some sort of trouble waking up early in the morning BUT!! I love mornings. Specially, when I start the day with prayer and reading the Word.

Of course, a lot of times, I am rushing in prayer and reading the bible, not really meditating. I need to fix this. However, just the fact of being cognizant of Jesus and acknowledging Him is a start of a good day.

I feel peace and love. I start the day very calmly and peacefully. Unfortunately, that ends once research goes on full gear. I need to work on this too.

Today is a special day, I have a deadline but I feel extra peaceful and calm. Therefore I am writing this post. Thank You Jesus for loving us so much. Thank You for giving us the peace that this world cannot give. Let us always rejoice in You.

Ahhh…today is a good day already. Best part about morning, being close to Jesus. Today, I am extra closer to Jesus. Thank You God.