Thank You Lord for a blessed Monday. We are so joyful because of You Jesus. Let us never forget all Your love and spread this love to all nations.

  1. Thank You Lord for a very productive day. I realize that my writing needs to improve. So I will pray more and work harder. Thank You God.
  2. Thank You Jesus for the daily meal. I always forget that food is really important and we sometimes just take it for granted. Thank You for nourishing us everyday.
  3. Thank You Father for helping me work out more. I used to work out a lot. But have not done so after coming to LA but these days I am working out more again. Jesus, let me have a healthy body so I can serve You Jesus.
  4. Thank You Jesus for my computer. Really, thanks so much. You help me get work done and ensure that I am not bored. Thank you PC!
  5. Thank You Lord for my bed. Such a nice bed. Wish I can clean the mattress somehow but I will figure that out. For now, thank you bed for being so nice.

Jesus, let us always be thankful and be more loving. Thank You Father.