Thank You God for another blessed day. Let us always give thanks to You Jesus. Please protect us from evil and let us become holier everyday.

  1. Thank You God for another very productive day. Please keep blessing us with more knowledge and wisdom.
  2. Thank You Jesus for helping me stay calm and focus even when there is pressure. Jesus, let us be always joyful and peaceful.
  3. Thank You Father for Lending Club. I found good investments. Hope this financial innovation keeps moving forward.
  4. Thank You Lord for fasting. It really makes me appreciate You more Jesus. When I am full, I am more detached from You. But when I am kind of hungry, I know Your heart better. Jesus, please keep us always awake.
  5. Thank You Jesus for good friends. It is really great that I have good friends in Christ. We provide great support for each other. Jesus, please make us holier and stronger in You.

Jesus, we give You all the glory. Let us read Your Word more and pray more and serve more. Again, we thank You for all Your goodnes.