Thank You Jesus for a thankful Thursday. Let us always praise You and give You all the glory.

  1. Thank You Father for a celebratory funeral. I have not seen such a funeral until now. But today I have. We thank You for being always loving and faithful. Death is not the end but mere sleep and we know the power of resurrection so we will wait until the day You return Jesus 😀
  2. Thank You Lord for a productive day. Actually, I was quite busy but somehow I did manage to get some work done. Thank You God.
  3. Thank You Jesus for campus worship. We pray that You keep blessing the campuses so that there can be a revival. Let us burn our idols and focus on You Father.
  4. Thank You God for good food. I love good food. Delicious~ Thank You Father.
  5. Thank You Lord for my smart phone. I can do so many things. Let me use my phone wisely to bring glory to You.

Thank You God for all Your goodness. Let us always focus on You and You alone.