These days I am reading the book of Job. I liked the story of Job a lot despite its hard interpretation and really hard to swallow story. However, something that caught my eye was that Job’s wife and children were quite far from holy. And I was wondering hmmm…why did Job have not so holy wife and how did his children become such party animals? Interesting… Of course, even from the most holy people, we do get wicked off-springs. Yet I wonder…

We can all answer that it is all part of God’s plan, which it is. But the Holy Spirit told me today was to focus on a holy family. Get a wife that you can pray together and create a house that only lives for the glory of Jesus. Raise holy children, teach them the Word. Make them pray and serve. Teach and show them the love of Jesus. Amen.

Thank You Jesus for such revelation. It is interesting that I have never thought about these things until this week. Jesus, thank You for teaching me this lesson. Let me pray for a holy wife and a holy family. First, let me become more holy and loving. Thank You so much Lord. Amen.