Thank You Jesus for fantastic Friday. Thank You for looking after us for the whole week.

  1. Thank You God for interesting guest seminars. I am very thankful that my school has a good program and is able to invite excellent speakers. Although two seminars were too long and grueling, I did learn somewhat. Thank You Father.
  2. Thank You Father for great fellowship. We shared a lot about our pasts. Jesus, please heal our wounds and make us whole. Only by Your love and grace, we are healed and joyful.
  3. Thank You Jesus for good dinner. Wow, dinner was yummy. Thank You Jesus for the nourishing food. I will eat less and exercise more.
  4. Thank You Lord for the cloudy weather. I pray for more rain in LA but cloud is good enough to slow the evaporation. Please pour down lots of rain so the drought is gone and there is life overflowing
  5. Thank You Jesus for a productive day. Yes, I was busy and did not have much time but got things done. Please continue to bless us with wisdom and knowledge.

Thank You Father for all Your goodness. Let us always be joyful.