Thank You Jesus for an awesome Saturday. Let us always be thankful!

  1. Thank You Father for a good message. It is nice to hear nice sermon on Saturday morning. Yeah, I need to love and serve more. And trust God more.
  2. Thank You Jesus for good food. Thank you K-Town for the nice Korean food.
  3. Thank You Lord for my plants. I really need to learn more and take better care of them. Ahh, can’t wait until I do studies wooohoo.
  4. Thank You God for Lending Club. Peer-to-peer lending is awesome. I really need to update my investing criteria.
  5. Thank You Father for Kakao. I love the fact that we can do videochat. It is slow because of my wifi but still it is wonderful to videochat.

Thank You Lord for everything. Let us be more loving everyday.