Thank You Jesus for Sabbath. Let us really focus on You and You alone. Let us rest and be rejuvenated 😀

  1. Thank You Jesus for a great worship. Let us seek the treasures in heaven not the riches of this world. I really need to be more heavenly and less earthly. Jesus, please make us care about what You want not what we want.
  2. Thank You Lord for lot of bread. I love bread although it makes me fat. Ah, nothing better than delicious bread and good coffee.
  3. Thank You Father for my bed. So comfortable. Can’t thank you enough dear bed.
  4. Thank You Jesus for the bible. We would be so lost without Your Word. Let us constantly pray and mediate upon Your Words.
  5. Thank You God for my gym. I really should work out more. But it is really nice to sweat a bit and feel the blood flowing in the body again (after long hours of studying).

Jesus, we give You all the thanks and the glory. Thank You so much for everything.