Wow! Today is a day full of blessings. I have been praying for rain in LA for sometime. Today we finally something that looks like rain. Yes, some moisture! I have the window open and the smell of the ground is refreshing. Also, the air so much cleaner with all the pollution washed out. I wish I could drink coffee now but I need to sleep tonight so I will pass. But just enjoying the cool breeze is so wonderful.

I thank Jesus for washing away our sins just as today’s rain washed away LA’s dirty air and the grime on the ground. I pray that God opens up the heavens and blesses our lives and LA. I pray for revival. Let not only the air and the streets be clean. But let our hearts be clean as well. Jesus, we thank You so much for all the things that You have done for us. Continue to bless us and pour out Your love on all nations 😀