Thank You Jesus for the awesome Sunday. It was so blessing that it felt electric šŸ˜€ Jesus continue to bless us so we can work harder for Your glory.

  1. Thank You Lord for the powerful sermon. I have never seen so many people come up to be prayed. It was a record. The guest pastor’s sermon was powerful and we wanted to be blessed so we can bless others. Thank You God for reviving us.
  2. Thank You God for the wonderful lunch. I love kimchi jigue (kimchi soup). So delicious. Thank You for all the brothers and sisters in Christ who helped clean up later šŸ˜€
  3. Thank You Jesus for another productive day. There is lot of work to do but with Your grace and mercy, I am getting things done. Thank You so much Jesus.
  4. Thank You God for rain. The rain was so refreshing. The city became alive again. Ahhh some real fresh air.
  5. Thank You Jesus for the bible. Reading Psalms really comforts me and gives me strength. Let me be holier everyday.

Jesus, we give You all the glory. Please continue to bless us so we can share Your love and grace with all nations.