Thank You Jesus for a blessed Monday. We give You all the praise because You are our Lord, our everything.

  1. Thank You Father for another very productive day. Please continue to bless us with more wisdom and knowledge.
  2. Thank You Jesus for making me repent. I have gotten very angry today yet I managed to repent because I realized that it did not glorify Jesus. Who am I to judge? It is Jesus who judges in the last day. I should just love, love, and love more.
  3. Thank You God for prayer time. I realize that I pray better when I am fasting. I should really fast more because empty stomach means more focus on God. ^^
  4. Thank You Jesus for my plants. I am so happy that You gave me so many. I want to buy more but I don’t want to kill them. Need to buy really strong one ^^
  5. Thank You Father for  my car. Yes, it gets me to places and it is reliable. I will take better care of You my good car!

Thank You God for all Your goodness!