Today, I got an mail telling me to apply for an credit card that had great benefits on travel and events. As I came up to my house, I realized how much I have changed…for the better. Before luxurious credit cards used to be something that I wanted. I wanted the perks. This was especially so because I really worked hard and did not enjoy much many years (it is my fault) so I always had a yearning to make my life exciting through more travel and going to cool events. However, after meeting Jesus, things changed. I still love travel and events but I did not care much. If there is an opportunity, I will go. If God blesses me then I will go. So free from my desires! Jesus really saves us. Unshackles us from our desires, which often oppresses us and makes us sad and depressed. Thank You Father! Thank You so much for Your blessings.

After I came home and drank some coffee, I looked at the credit card promotion again and just put it aside. When time comes, I will get a cool credit card but for now I am very content. And given all the blessings that God has given me. I should praise more and be more loving. Thank You Jesus.