Thank You Jesus for a thankful Tuesday. We always give You all the glory.

  1. Thank You Father for another very productive day. Please continue to bless us with Your love and wisdom. Please give us the wisdom that You gave to Daniel and Solomon.
  2. Thank You God for my PC. Yes, it works well. It crashes some times and it has no sound but it does help me get the work done. You are the real MVP!
  3. Thank You Jesus for Kakao. So nice to video chat. Thank you internet revolution adn Tech 2.0. Let us use this technology to further Your Kingdom.
  4. Thank You Father for prayer time. I am so happy that my church always has prayer times. Let us pray more to glorify You. Seriously, we should pray more for everything.
  5. Thank You Father for my plants. Yes, you guys are lovely and thank you guys for surviving! I love you guys.

Thank You Father for all Your goodness. We give You all the glory. Let us become holier every day 😀