Thank You Father for a blessed Wednesday. Let us always be thankful for all Your goodness.

  1. Thank You Father for another very productive day. Please bless us with more wisdom and knowledge ^^
  2. Thank You Jesus for giving me legs to walk. I felt so blessed walking around and going to buy groceries. Thank You Lord!
  3. Thank You Father for having a good grocery store near my house with good and affordable products. I felt so blessed to buy some bananas and chips. I remember when I was young, bananas were a treat. Now I can buy them for two dollars! Thank You Lord!
  4. Thank You Jesus for the wonderful weather. Love the breeze and the blue skies. Please continue to bless us with a lovely weather.
  5. Thank You Lord thank You for prayer time. Let us pray more because that is what pleases You. Let us pray, pray, pray and pray more.

Thank You Jesus for all Your goodness. We love You so much!