Thank You Jesus for a wonderful Thursday. We always thank You for all Your love and goodness.

  1. Thank You God for a very productive day. I really got a lot of things done. One step closer to graduation! Thank You Father. Please continue to give us Your love and wisdom.
  2. Thank You Jesus for a delicious dinner at church. Home cooked food is the best food. Thank You jibsanim for the delicious nourishment!
  3. Thank You Father for the powerful revival session. We prayed for almost four hours. Lot of hearts opened and lot of healing occurred. Jesus, let us not forget that we are not from Earth but we are the ambassadors from heaven. Let us spread the gospel and Your love. We will worship You and be the channel of Your blessings.
  4. Thank You Jesus for Your peace. Despite lot of pressure and work, I have been able to remain calm and I know it is because of You. Thank You Lord. Please give us the peace that the world cannot give and also let others know of Your love and peace.
  5. Thank You Father for Kakao. It is always so wonderful to talk to friends who are far away.

Thank You Jesus for Your goodness! We love You so much!