Interesting post form, showing that Apple has 7.1 million acres of land.

Given the massive cash in the Apple’s balance sheet, real estate is not a big deal but it does provide some interesting speculations.

The first thought that come to my mind is that Apple wants to finally build a factor although it said it will stop pursuing self driving cars but who knows what other secret project Apple has.

However, I think this may signal the beginning of the end of Apple. The land is likely to be used for facilities rather than factories and given that Apple has been in the press with its impressive new campus to be completed, I will not be surprised if Apple creates more campuses. And that is when things start getting bad when management start focusing on facilities rather than their products and markets, things will start going down.

Of course, I may be assuming too much but a tech company owning a lot of land does sound quite interesting and unlikely, unless they want to build an iFarm…or may be iRanch?