Thank You Lord for looking after us to the middle of week. Please protect us everyday and let us always sing of Your glory.

  1. Thank You Father for the bible study. Today we learned the Samarians are the lost sheep that God wants to restore. I did not even know that the Samarian woman was getting from Jacob’s well. Yup, I need read the bible more carefully and meditate more. Thank You Jesus for our good pastors who encourage us.God, please bless them and their families.
  2. Thank You God for choco pie. I usually don’t eat snacks but today I indulged. Well, lot of calories but I felt happy. Jesus, please help moderate 😛 But thank You for making me smile and joyful today. Also, Jesus let us be more caring and share more.
  3. Thank You Jesus for my PC. Yeah, my code stopped in the middle but! but! I am still thankful that I have a PC and I can do some coding. Thank You Lord. Please continue to bless us more everyday.
  4. Thank You God for Udemy. I really like their short and interesting courses. Also, I thank them for allowing me to review courses early. Thank you Udemy!
  5. Thank You Father for facebook. It it is a wonderful tool to keep in touch with friends and also get some good feeds. But it is great tool to see who needs prayer. Jesus, please help me not waste time on facebook but instead check on those who need help and prayers.

Father, thank You for all Your goodness. Let me be more thankful everyday! Amen!