Ahh…everyday, I pick up a penny πŸ˜€ At this rate, I will earn $3.65 dollars in a year. Enough for one coffee in most places.

It feels like my bending to pick up a penny is more costly than the coin but why do I do it?

To find the lucky penny and win $1000?

To collect copper pennies and melt them later like some brilliant hedge funds?

Nope. I do it because God does not like waste. Of course, people argue that pennies should have disappeared long ago, which I totally agree. However, there are millions of pennies just lying around being wasted and if we do not do something about them then we are not being good stewards. Our Father has entrusted the world to us so we should take good care of it. That means starting with small thing such as not littering and cleaning up the mess even those that others made.Β 

Now we can add the small task of picking pennies and using them for the glory of God πŸ˜€


I hope I pick up more on my way to school later.