Thank You Father for a glorious Sunday. Thank You for all Your goodness and love.

  1. Thank You Jesus for the good sermon. Let us continue to train ourselves so we can give You all the glory. Let us pray more and know Your Word better.
  2. Thank You Father for giving me the ability to give thanks. It is not exciting to grade on Sunday. But I gave thanks and it was amazing. Let us always give thanks because that is Your command.
  3. Thank You Lord for my friend. It is good to talk about research and get things done together. I pray that I share Your love with my peers.
  4. Thank You God for helping me beat temptation yesterday. I really should train more. I should not let my guard down. Holy Spirit please make me holier!
  5. Thank You Jesus for my good roommates. They are so nice and funny. Please bless our household. Let this house be the House of the Lord! Let us be like Joshua!

Thank You Jesus for everything. Let us not be lazy or wicked but let us be holier everyday!