Thank You Jesus for a wonderful Monday. Let us always be thankful!

  1. Thank You God for enabling me to give thanks. Let us always be thankful in all circumstances!
  2. Thank You Father for my PC. Although it breaks down, it still fights on!
  3. Thank You Jesus for good prayer session. Let us pray more, more, more and more. I really felt Jesus telling me that I should pray more. Things are not fixed because I do not pray. Yup, definitely need to pray more for friends, families and all nations.
  4. Thank You Lord for Kakao. It is always wonderful to contact friends and family far away.
  5. Thank You Jesus for my blog. It is nice to write a blog. It forces me to think and write intelligently or at least not so stupidly.

Thank You Father for all Your goodness. Let us always give thanks to You!